Recent Before & After Photos

Deck fires are no joke...

No matter where a fire occurs, we will be there to help you get it cleaned up. This customer had a fire start on her deck which completely destroyed the deck an... READ MORE

Mold found in the back room of an office

Did you know that a lot of modern dryers (clothes drying machines) have a water line connected to them? It is a feature to let them steam wrinkles out of your c... READ MORE

Water damage isn't always obvious at first glance

It's a good thing these customers in Seaside knew their washing machine had leaked or it might have been a while before they noticed, because you couldn't see t... READ MORE

Clutter build up? Not a problem.

Clutter. Mess. Garbage. Stuff. Maybe even hoarding. Whatever you end up calling it, it's nice to have it cleaned up and gone. Let us take care of that for you. ... READ MORE

Why choose us? SERVPRO does contents as well.

Sometimes we all just have too much stuff. We can help you with that - whether the need is to access a different problem with the structure of the property, or ... READ MORE

Sometimes even the fireplace has to come out...

This customer in Scappoose, Oregon had the unthinkable happen and water overflowed from their bathtub on the second level of their home, ran under the floor and... READ MORE

Part of the job - Moving & saving inventory from water

What happens when your store full of valuable shoes and clothes suddenly floods? Call SERVPRO of Clatsop, Columbia Counties and we’ll rush out to help and... READ MORE

Burned Debris - Salvageable or not?

Fires are no joke as evidenced by these photos, this is one of many burnt piles of belongings pulled from a house fire. Items removed from a fire are sorted, ca... READ MORE

Burned Attic Debris Removal

A tragic fire that started in the garage of local home spread into the attic and most of the rest of the house. A major part of cleaning up after a large fire i... READ MORE

Deep Cleaning Vehicles

Not all damage and cleaning needs are home-based. Sometimes your car has a need as well – and that is something SERVPRO of Clatsop, Columbia Counties can ... READ MORE