Fire Damage Photo Gallery

laundry room after a lint fire

Look What Lint Can Do

This picture is every reason you should ever need to have your dryer vents cleaned out regularly. Too much lint buildup could start a fire, as it did in this Vernonia home. SERVPRO of Clatsop, Columbia Counties can help you with either situation.

fire torn garage with lots of burned contents and car

Fire + Garage = Big Cleanup

Fires are devastating. This picture really illustrates that (including dramatic lighting). Everything in this garage, including the car, ended up being non-salvageable – meaning the cost to clean or repair the item was above the cost to replace it.

clean dishes after ultra sonic cleaning

Stuff covered in soot from a fire? No problem!

Here is a load of clean dishes after being put through our specialized ultra sonic cleaner. This specialty equipment uses sound waves to clean every inch of fire-affected items so we can get your home or business looking "Like it never even happened," after a disaster strikes.