Storm Damage Photo Gallery

technician sucks up water from concrete warehouse floor

Wind Damage & Warehouses

Severe weather events impact an entire community, including the businesses in the area. Here you can see one of our skilled technicians removing standing water in a local Warrenton warehouse after high winds caused minor structure damage.

muddy worker standing in crawl space hatch

That's a messy situation

When you think storms, you probably don’t think about the water getting under your house. But all that water must go somewhere - and during storm events, local water runoff systems can become overwhelmed and start filling up places it shouldn’t. Good thing “too dirty” isn’t in SERVPRO of Clatsop, Columbia Counties’ vocabulary.

specialized equipment used to remove blown-in insulation

Storms Can Affect Roofs & Insulation

Storms have the potential to do some serious damage to your roof. Which also means the insulation in your attic could be affected and need replacing. This specialized vacuum is used to suck out blown-in insulation that has become wet or moldy.

tarp and sandbags covering a damaged roof

Need a Tarp-up? We've got you "covered".

No one likes a roof leak – especially one caused by high winds, which is what happened at this Astoria home. Here you can see sandbags holding a temporary tarp down before roofers come to fix the problem later that same day.