Water Damage Photo Gallery

fan pointed under counter where dishwasher used to be

Dishwashers can be a pain

Dishwashers leak all the time. If you catch it quick, sometimes all we need is a fan, a dehumidifier and some time. No matter your restoration needs, SERVPRO of Clatsop, Columbia Counties has you covered.

hole in wall cut by water pressure spray

Water Pressure Woes

Water pressure is a powerful thing. A leak sprang at the back of this toilet with such a strong spray that it cut a hole through the drywall behind it.

toilet with giant crack down the side

We've Seen It All

Now that’s what we call a catastrophic toilet failure. Normally we don’t see toilets break this badly, but it happens. No matter the cause of the water – SERVPRO of Clatsop, Columbia Counties can make your disaster seem like “it never even happened.”

plastic containment chambers set up in house

How do we dry out a space quickly?

Ever wonder how we dry large areas out so quickly? Well the answer might be simpler than you thought. We make the area smaller! By setting up plastic containment chambers, we are able to create smaller spaces around the direct impact areas which allows our drying equipment to run more efficiently.