Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

thermal imaging camera showing wet materials

Heat Mapping

We have a few different instruments to tell how much and how saturated materials are in your home. The coolest, by far, is the thermal imaging camera. Wet spots will read at a cooler temperature than the same surrounding materials.

kitchen with open walls ready for reconstruction

Ready for Reconstruction

Why choose SERVPRO? Because after the water is all dried up or the soot is all cleaned away – someone has to put your property back together. Let us help with that too, we have a specialized reconstruction team to rebuild it all.

equipment placed to dry out hardwood floors

We Have The Technology

If you’re lucky enough to have a real hardwood floor, you probably want to keep it around. What if it gets soaked with water? That’s where our drying mats come into play. Specially designed to dry out and save hardwood floors, this is the first step we’ll try to save those beautiful planks.

kids drawing thanking servpro for the help

You're Very Welcome!

Thanks kid – we tried our best to be quick and courteous. This was drawn by the child of a customer who was so impressed with our help, they left their own version of a review. We’ll take it!